Sony PRS505S eBook Reader - The new Way to Read

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(added 09 Apr 2009)
Sony PRS505S eBook Reader

The shift from books to e-books was quite amazing, yet with the creation of new cool technology SonyPRS505S eBook Reader, it has changed the life, either. Now you don’t need to take a load of books along during the air travel to any destination or cruise trip to any seaside landscape, you only keep an eBook Reader in your company that will fulfill your urge of hundreds and thousands of books reading.

If you need a new published book, yet it is thousand miles away, you were waiting for a couple of weeks for its delivery, now you need to place the order, within few minutes, you will get immediate access to that ebook.For this reason, electronic reading devices are selling on a higher pace.

The primary feature of Sony PRS505S eReader is slim and sleek and this series will store stacks of books, and you can carry it along, wherever you go.This handset will allow you to download up to 160 ebooks, in its memory from the net.

Features of Sony PRS505S eBook Reader • Size - H175 x W122 x D8mm

• Finish - Silver

• Memory card - slotGreater amount of slots means more variety of card formats can be used SD, Memory stick

• Power supply - Rechargeable lithium battery

• Weight- 260g

• Battery life - how long the battery lasts for until it needs recharging, up to 7,500 page turns (when reading only; usage may vary).

The eBook reader enables you to use MP3 player, and can listen to your highly preferred music tracks, whilst enjoying the interesting and funny pages on the eBook Reader.

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