Turtle-Look USB Hub with a hidden tray

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(added 09 Apr 2009)

A multiuse turtle-alike USB Hub, added with a hidden tray is not less than, a live sneaking animal, yet a suit of technology, that best fits to a modern workplace, remarkably giving glaring touch, to your car, when you are ready to go, for a seaside pleasure trip.

With it’s askance gaze, this turtle-alike device would prove more meaningful, and not like a conventional USB tool. This USB hub providing sorts of features, vividly indicates, that it is a productive tool of daily life.  Well, it’s chiefly, a centre of attraction for all its users, to stick your USB drives into its stretched-out legs.

On the upper side of the turtle, you can flip up its upper shield, to employ the tray, and keep the peanuts within – to consume at a time of leisure, or keep the coins – to use them during a rainy day, yet never use it, as an ashtray, it will awfully lessen its look.

Virtually, the head of turtle appears like a stapler, yet that is not the case. The top of its skull is merely the button – to push and open that shell box, and use whatever is within, without any delay, as there are many others, who are desperately waiting for them.  The user can interface four different USB drives into this turtle-like hub.  Get it, the price tag shows $ 13.99.

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