ASUS Eee PC T91 Touchscreen Tablet Netbook

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(added 03 Jun 2009)
ASUS Eee PC T91 Touchscreen Tablet Netbook

Finally Asus seems prominent to capture your imagination by evolving an Eee branded latest model – Asus Eee PC T91 Netbook, a new benchmark that is meant for the freaks of new idiosyncrasies – has the greater flicker to thrill with its capabilities. Touchscreen interface – a finer capability, featured by Asus in its latest series, has been notified during their pre-production model display.

This finer TFT which operates on Touch software OS – aptly adding features in five segments; Eee Fun Touch, Eee @ Vibe, Eee Sharing, Eee Xperience and Eee Tools. The Eee fun touch feature primarily focuses on main menu and leads us into few more sections that add productive capabilities, which are needed at many stages of its operation.

In addition to a notepad and calculator that is featured in it, it provides many other thrilling abilities like, shoots viewing software, a net ratio, gadgets and a software named Magic Desktop, that offer a more kids-friendly ambiance.

The segment Eee @ vibe lends highly advanced applications for T91 netbook, whilst Eee sharing lends data sharing and usability and enables access to the 10GB of online storage added with this latest Asus series. Its Eee Xperience assists the user to set its configuration.

A finer feature of this glossy widget is, it has a button on the edge of its display, enabling the machine entirely easier to swap between diverse modes. You can activate many other fun features through this button that leads to a full page menu which provides bigger icons for using highly amusing software.

This latest series of Asus that operates on touch software also feature with it bigger than usual icon bars, proving the system easier to steer Windows, and truly a refreshing and pleasing approach to employ this netbook.

This latest model has a counter element that it is a little bit lower at 1.33GHz, but the availability of US15W chipset indicates that this is still useful, for all age groups. This modern chipset augments hardware accelerated video deciphering, that is why, the user can be happy to operate its 720p HD content.

Technical Specifications:

Display: 8.9-inch screen

CPU type: Intel Atom (Silverthorne)

CPU speed: 1300 Mhz

Graphics: Intel GMA 500

Display Size: 9" 1024 X 600

RAM: 1024 MB

Weight 980g

Size (w/h/d mm) 226/165/28 mm

Physical Interfaces

USB2.0 (x2)


Line-out / Headphone


Ethernet 10/100

SD card slot

Optional Accessories (can vary)


FM transmitter

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