World’s Lightest 8 Inch Notebook

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(added 09 Apr 2009)
Sony VAIO P-Series Lifestyle PC

The world’s lightest 8 inch notebook - the hot series in notebook systems, weighing 1.4 pound VAIO® P Series Lifestyle PC - exhibits entirely differently, than the conventional series of notebooks, with an immaculate mania to its fans dotted around the globe.  Use internet at the Park, send mail to your friend from the airport, you are at full liberty. 

You have plans to traverse to any longer connected destinations, yet seems having trepidation with luggage, still this lightest notebook will give you comfort of no weight, and will connect to the world at any spot and destination, giving the facility of a versatile e-office, where every information, will be at your fingertips.

Every feature will provide you best support, through GPS navigation, and in the meanwhile, you will be covering far more miles of travelling, without any hindrance, and moving ahead with this tiny, sleek and portable palm size computer.  Intriguingly, it is so helpful, that can aptly fit in any one of your pockets.

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