Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, Summer 2011)

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(added 20 Feb 2012)

Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, Summer 2011) is the compendium of some of the appealing functionalities, exclusively with its backlit keyboard as well as latest version than its predecessor Apple MacBook Air series.   This series is produced with a very modern part – the Intel CPU – that is aimed to provide the good performance as well as the better battery life, comparatively to its past series.

The glitch with this series is that, it is supporting a smaller size of HDD like 128GB SSD – very smaller relatively to new comer laptops which add a bigger storage capacity like 3TB plus (means 3000GB plus).  Despite its low profile in the case of its storage capacity, it’s still a good recourse relatively to its past series.

This latest Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, summer 2011) series has leaped into a modern stage, comparatively to many past series, thus this is a good laptop series produced by Apple.  The different series being produced by Apple so far, is spanned over three generations, has sufficiently advanced its laptop line, by adding new models and new mechanisms that helped it, to incorporate its laptops in the mainstream series.

This series is offered on the listed price of USD1,299.00 that is offered on USD1,249.99 by MAC Connection, on USD1,234.99 by Best Buy, thus one vendor is offering a discount of around USD50, second is offering a discount of USD64, may be some other vendors might be giving a little bit more, it can be known after a massive research over the net.

Amazingly this MacBook Air (13-inch, Summer 2011) series is quite smartly adding an advanced processing power – a powerful processor that is called as Core i5 Processor 1.7GHz (Dual Core), having 4GB/4GB maximum RAM memory.

Although it looks like the past series, yet it has some specific additions which give it a unique niche as compared to its past progression.  This series has the dimensions like width 12.8in, depth 8.94in, and height 0.68in, whilst its weight is 2.96lbs, means remarkably a light weight notebook, can easily be taken along during the travel to any far off places.

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