Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Black (Fits 6" Display, 3 Latest Generation Kindle)

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(added 17 Sep 2011)
Amazon’s one more Kindle series - Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Black (Fits 6" Display, 3 Latest Generation Kindle), that is offered in black color, yet it has six more color series, in order to provide an opportunity of choice, and get any color, that is most favorite to you.
This new Kindle series that is designed by Amazon is offered on the listed price of USD 59.99 (see for free shipping policies – as it is offering an excellent saver on its shipping).  This new series’ shipping weight is 15.5ons.
The popularity of this series can be measured from this fact that, it is indexed as # 1 in electronics.  This Kindle series is adding a reading light, so you don’t require adding a desktop Lamp for its reading.  This series is getting the light from its Kindle, so you don’t need to employ the battery for its charging either.
When you are on the go, and Kindle Lighted series is with you that means  you have a finer lighting arrangement either, that could be helpful during a terrible murky situation, at that place, you may desperately need the light to go ahead, to ensure that you are walking on a secure road or walkway.
At times, when you are on the go or travelling around you can continue reading it. This black color series, that has few other colors,  is made up of charcoal microfiber, with a view to safeguard its display from the scars. 
Its cover is made in a manner that could be flipped and folded backwards – enabling you to read it with ease.  This series has a retractable LED light, on pressing, it pulls out to light the Kindle, and when the Kindle is not used – it automatically moves back to its slot.
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