Sharp Aquos Quattron LC-60LE830U

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(added 30 Aug 2011)

Come on, let us see the usefulness of a latest model LCD TV that is known as, Sharp Aquos Quattron LC-60LE830U brought to the fore by Sharp, on the price range of USD 1,745.00 to USD 2,299.99.  

The merits: This Aquos Quattron LC-60LE830U series of Sharp is adding an image with comparatively exact tint in transparent areas, finer video recording and operating.

The functionalities this series encompass very useful support and finer choices of assistance, added-on Wi-Fi, including a remote that is supported by three buttons to use as many apps as you like.

This series of LCD TV, apart from its functionality of compact system, it also extends its help in the most important area of energy-saving either.   Thus all these are sufficient to calibrate its worth and value.

The demerits: Indicates terribly a low quality display, dim areas colored blue, varied interfaces for widgets and apps give an impression of jumble, thus appear a conventional LCD TV, and not an exclusive type of LCD.

The conclusion: Despite that, this series gives the impression of an advanced LCD TV, yet the standard of its picture isn’t what was expected from it.

The Review of the Product
Let us record some more capacities of this series – Sharp Aquos Quattron LC-60LE830U series. Although there are a lot of tiger TVs, challenging this series to come over and compete with their strength, thus to some extent performance-wise it appears a leopard, yet can’t contest with other Lion TVs, put on display in the commercial houses of LCD TVs.

As the LC-60LE830U series is adding Wi-Fi functionality as well as prime quality LCD, yet the fact is that, it can’t sit in the ring of bigger tiger TVs to prove its far more productivity and strength.

The product dimensions are, like, with stand, width 54.3in, depth 14.4in, and height 35in; whilst its weight is 83.8lbs.

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