Sonos S5 Wireless Internet Music Player (Black)

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(added 21 May 2011)
A music player dubbed as - Sonos S5 Wireless Internet Music Player (Black) is offered on USD 399.00 added with it, the incentive of free shipping.  This music player is a smarter mechanism for listening varied types of music and songs, with freeing you from the hassles of wires and cables. 
This wirelessly operating music player series that is produced by Sonos offers Sonos S5 with speakers – all are aptly integrated with each other, to help you get the joy of overwhelming music that can be downloaded from the net.  You can activate massive iTunes from the net and enjoy it at any time and at any place with your full freedom.
This iTunes music mechanism can be swayed from either iPhone®, or iPad™, or Android™ smartphone, and you don’t need to link it with the computer system or laptop to link ahead with the internet.  It can be used in any part of your house, with ease.
Have you thought about, how much net based radio stations could be linked to this cute music player? You can link at least 100,000 web-based radio stations and shows without paying any single penny from your wallet.  Thus you can activate even more than 100,000 stations and songs by dint of internet. 
You don’t require to go into the hassle of computer or laptop, to operate this iTune system, you only open any song from iPad, or iPod touch, or iPhone by linking with an Apple AirPort Express®, that is connected to a ZonePlayer for an Apple Airplay®.
If you go on any outing, or on a pleasure trip you only plug into a power outlet and then start listening and enjoying the music.  You can copy any controller application software, and then start playing the music wirelessly, with utmost comfort.
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