Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad (RT-MWK01)

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(added 14 May 2011)
Are you looking for a keyboard that assists to work at bay from your system – go ahead and get one new - Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad (RT-MWK01) that is produced by Brainydeal on its listed price of USD 49.99.
This truly inspiring keyboard has the dimensions like 5.9in by 2.3in by 0.5in, whilst its weight is 3.2 ounces.   This Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard is being provided with 1 Lithium ion battery, and one more for its back up.  Then what do you need more, go ahead and get one, this is truly fine for an advanced user of a qualitative keyboard.
This latest series keyboard is helpful when you think you are desperately in need of a gizmo that could be helpful to link you with your system without any hassle of wires and cables.
This new model wireless keyboard can be linked to not only the laptop, home systems, P-3, even with wiki sports mechanisms. You can work by keeping this lightweight keyboard in your lap, adding additionally a touchpad either. 
This keyboard is linked with 4G cable-less receiver integrated mechanism.  This aptly flexible wireless QWERTY keyboard is entirely allowing you to mould it, to an extent of 90-degree, it will definitely bent, yet will never repent by breaking it into the chunks.
This ostensibly sleek and subtle – the first ever produced keyboard with a 90-degree flip design – is remarkably integrated with its keys, by making its operation most easy and user-friendly. This keyboard is greatly supported to sway over the windows multimedia as well as its entertaining features either. 
This keyboard is added with battery - rechargeable lithium-ion type.   So never underestimate it by considering it might be adding only keyboard and keypad, it is also supporting a LED light even it adds a 2.4GHz USB Bluetooth cable-less receiver either.
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