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(added 22 Apr 2011)

Apple has produced a latest mouse, namely Apple Magic Mouse that is synonymous to quickness and smartness. With these glaring attributes, this mouse is called Apple Magic Mouse that is featuring the first ever multi-touch functionality.  This latest mouse is supplied with all latest model iMac systems.

In case you need this latest series mouse, you can add it with your Bluetooth iMac.  The pointer of this mouse is amazingly great and having very quick and smooth movement, supported with the best corded as well as non-BT cordless mice.

The mouse tracking functionality is equally good in all respects, although few of the reviewers are of the opinion that its tracking isn’t that much speedy as was expected from it.

Yet many other reviewers offer their accolade for their satisfaction over its performance and functionality.  This sort of glitches can be either linked to any hardware or software – in any specific system, yet it can’t be attributed to an issue of each and every system, worldwide.

This new series mouse that is brought to the commercial houses by the Apple offers the touch-based scrolling – that is truly good.  The pixel-precise scrolling functionality of this new model Magic Mouse gives entirely a higher class and standing impression, to the user of this gizmo.

This new progression Magic Mouse that is operated by one-knob – a new idea, thus our appreciation goes to Apple – who is committed to bring highly compact and comprehensive high standard mouse for its punters, around the globe.

Some of the reviewers – who have massively used this mouse – are commenting like that this Magic Mouse is greatly performing our every errand that is linked to our system, and quickly differentiates any activity on its left and right sides.

Our recommendation to Apple is that, there is always room for improvement, thus the Apple brings future mouse with any or many new ideas.

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