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(added 13 Apr 2011)

Amazon’s new gadget – Kindle 3G that is aka Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device – eBook is the latest ebook reader gadget that is having features like light weight, sleek quality with many other impressive functionalities, exclusively 3G global access, graphite, Wi-Fi, 6 inch screen coupled with latest e-Ink Pearl Technology either.

This gadget can not only be used at home, even can be employed with ease outside your home by downloading whatever content you need, at your own speed and style. You are at full liberty to download content, whole text of magazines, the articles of any book, or chapters of any document, which you need to study or for your reference material, don’t scare the choice is in your hands.

The reason of this much facilitation is owing to the reason, that your Kindle 3G is linked to the ubiquitous net, so our thanks goes to 3G Global wireless system, that provides the facility to this gadget.  You don’t need to link it up to any PC. You can directly study your text, content, and write ups on this ebook device independently.  So what do you need more?

With the assistance of the 3G wireless system, you can easily download as well as store over 4000 ebooks and documents. In short it is a moving library, in your handbag or pocket, whenever you are free, switch on and enjoy it with the freedom of your time.  I think this is the single most important gadget – for the book reading enthusiasts.

This Kindle reading device lends additional impressive features to its user.  What are those features?  Those are - its uniqueness, sleek and slim design, round-the-clock connectivity, which are truly very helpful and highly convenient functionalities of this gizmo.

Kindle 3G is very speedy during its operation, relatively to its past series.  Its cursor navigation is user-friendly, and you can use its cursor with greater ease.

Kindle 3G is offering a better screen visibility.  Its visibility standard is far better than Kindle 2 or few other e-Ink series of e-book readers. Even you can read in a dim light either.  It has also a longer as well as a replaceable battery, with more time relatively to past series.

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