Samsung Intensity II (Verizon Wireless)

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(added 25 Oct 2010)

Technology is advancing with the passage of time, thus in line with the new developments, Samsung has come up with its new model cell phone – named as Samsung Intensity II (Verizon Wireless) lending some of the similar features of Samsung Intensity II – metallic blue, closer to the same price range.

The merits

Samsung Intensity II (Verizon Wireless) provides smarter messaging and email functionalities, supports a complete QWERTY keyboard, and provides quick search and steering controls. This is truly an impressive gizmo with a compact design.

The demerits

Its steering keys are slightly packed to each other. The headphone jack measuring 2.5mm is uncomfortable to use, and without the facility of music downloading to phone.

The conclusion

The Samsung’s this series appears a good series for the teens and twenties yet not for thirties and above, however this is a quite reasonable for social linkages and a smarter chatter tool. Despite its few demerits, its reasonable price is still a source of attraction.

Review of writer

The Intensity II (Verizon Wireless) is a latest series of Samsung is adding with it the digital camera and digital player either. Its service provider is Verizon Wireless. This series specs are, like width 2.87in, depth 0.1in, and height 4.87in, whilst its weight is 4.1oz. Its external color is deep blue. Its price tag is USD 239.99.

Being very well familiar to the broader progressions of the Samsung – this new series is sufficiently a smarter addition in the commercial houses of cell phones, and would prove a bigger boost to the name and fame of Samsung.

This series of Samsung is applying CDMA20001x technology, with a slider phone design. This series is adding an internal antenna, vibrating alert, polyphonic ringer, voice dialing, call timer, and conference call capability, voice recorder, caller ID, speakerphone either.

Ostensibly it appears that, its features and framework is copied from its past series. This series adds an eco-friendly feature, such as Samsung Reclaim and the Samsung Blue Earth.

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