RIM BlackBerry Bold 9650 without camera (Verizon Wireless)

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(added 06 Jul 2010)

RIM has come up with its latest smartphone that is dubbed as RIM BlackBerry Bold 9650 without camera (Verizon Wireless), attaches a smart digital player, yet sans digicam. Its service provider is Verizon Wireless. The new series of RIM can be had from Verizon for USD 149.99 with two years contract, adding a complementary offer of USD 100 mail-in rebate. Fine, that is a good offer!!!

This new scheming of bringing a cell phone that is devoid of camera, during the modern trend of compact gizmos blending all features into one, can be well explained by RIM merely. This new series attaches Wi-Fi and lends an installed double memory comparatively to its competitor series.

Merits: Its unique features are world-roaming capabilities including the ability to easily unlock its SIM, whilst designed with an attractive external form and framework. Demerits: The browser of this series is weighty for using as well as offering minimum features, relatively to its competitor cell phones. The Conclusion: All punters exclusively those of Verizon were keenly looking for a smartphone that adds the world roaming capabilities with broader messaging functionality – thus both features have aptly been blended in the RIM BlackBerry Bold 9650.

The dimensions of RIM BlackBerry Bold 9650 without camera (Verizon Wireless) are width 2.44in, depth 0.55in, and height 4.4in, whilst its weight is 4.8oz. This news series has the dual mode capability, hinting towards the features of CDMA and GSM functionalities.

The ability of this smartphone can be measured from this fact, that when you use it in the United States, it will employ the Verizon network in a conventional manner, yet when you travel to any other country or you are interested to use its world roaming capability, it will use its GSM mechanism.

This series offers generously the Messaging & Data Services like; Short Messaging Service (SMS), and Internet Browser, whilst some additional Messaging / Data Features are such as; Text messages, Instant messages, Multimedia messages (MMS), Picture messages, Voice mail, and E-Mail messages either.

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