Panasonic SDR-S50 (gold)

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Juxtaposing a latest laptop, a most modern cell phone, and a highly sophisticated digicam at the working ambiance or at the working space in the home, is now the statement of style for the enthusiasts, thus towards this motive, we have brought to you the product details of a most modern camera, which is crammed with wonderful features. Which are those, let us see ahead.

This latest series camera of Panasonic, that is, named as Panasonic SDR-S50 (gold) is offered on the price of (MSRP) USD 249.95 is attaching along the features like substantial storage capacity without labeling any type, adding the cards like SD, SDHC, and SDXC either.

The resolution of this camera is 800K pixels (total), and having its CCD with the size of 1/8-inch. Its dimensions are; height 2.5in, width 2.2in, and depth 4.2in, whilst its weight (with battery and media) is 8.3 ounces.

The greater productivity and capacity of this camera is that, it appears a camera, yet it can work like a small telescope, thus it can record high-quality video either. It can be entirely helpful to make all your focused or targeted images closer, by dint of its 70x lens. And in case you are on the go, its optical image stabilization is quite fine.

Whilst employing this camera, you may surely need a tripod for a comfortable and easy usability. Its OIS mechanism is somehow good, not better one. As you have the total liberty to capture its manual control, yet for this purpose, you may require to add your personal storage like SD, SDHC and SDX, as these cards are easily accepted on this widget.

This series’ has many outstanding features one of them is S50’s video quality, that is substantially good, yet this series appears very intricate, relatively to other standardized yet qualitative camcorders. Primarily, the dim-light videos are exclusive not attractive that much, as compared to other digicams.

This new model string of Panasonic has the ability and capability to grab substantially finer videos with megazooming lens, yet is offered on low-cost-basis with remarkable attractive functionalities.

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