Acer Ferrari One FO200-1799

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(added 25 Mar 2010)
Acer Ferrari One FO200-1799

Acer Ferrari One FO200-1799 (Athlon 64 X2 L310 1.2GHz, 4GB RAM, 250GB HDD, Windows 7 Home Premium), by widget type a netbook, is a blend of smart functionalities and facilities like a speedy laptop by dint of its massive RAM size, a finer battery life by dint of its bigger battery capacity, and a widget that adds a dual-core AMD CPU processor that ensures best usability and its productivity.This series is offering the dimensional specs like width 11.2in, depth 8.0in, and height 1.2in, whilst its weight is 3.2pnd / with stand 4.1pnd. Its screen size (diagonal) is 11.6in.

The only glitch this series has it, an unexcitingly designed touchpad that is something against our expectations, as we always expect to bring most charming touchpad with these new laptops from these netbook producers. Alas! When they will realize the concerns and reservations of its end users, I don’t know.There are a lot of laptops in the commercial houses yet they unable in succeeding to catch the attention of millions of buyers, for its either unimposing scheming of framework.

I guess, this approach of buyers is well known by the producers, yet what I can guess is that, these systems are produced with the thinking, to make these systems budget-friendly and not to make these very costly. Yet still that wouldn’t work, that would soon be the part of past stacks of scrap. This series is initially priced on USD 599.99.The idea floated by Acer by branding this series outside laptop’s conventional brands is a welcome idea, for other laptop producers to come with newer thrilling brand names, and in this sprint Acer has spearheaded in making known a new branded netbook as dubbed it – Acer (Ferrari).

Amazingly, this type of branded names were usually qualitative laptops having the charming of attracting the attention of increased buyers, despite its relatively escalated rates, and that was sufficiently contributing by some of its branded components like mouse pads and carrying cases either.Acer has made remarkable breakthrough in it, by upgrading many of its internal parts, exclusively by adding a dual-core AMD processor, 4GB RAM lending massive power support.

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