LG 47SL80

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LG 47SL80

LG 47SL80 is a 46in wide screen LCD TV with TFT active matrix and S-IPS display techs. It has an Infrared Universal Remote control. It has table top design with swivel stand where Dimensions and Weight Details of Panel is 43.7in W, 1.8in D, 27.1in H whilst Wt is 51.8lbs and Panel with stand weighs 43.7in W, 11.3in D, 29.6in H whilst weight is 62.8lbs approximately.

Its display resolution is 1920 by 1080 where display format is 1080p and LCD refreshing rate is 240Hz with Image Aspect Ratio 16:9. Its LCD response time is 2.2ms where color depth is 10bits. It has Color Temperature Control, Progressive scanning, V-Chip Control and 60,000 hour(s) backlight life.

It contains QAM, ATSC and NTSC TV tuners along with SAP and MTS systems. LG 47SL80 has HDTV ready video feature with HDMI, Component, and Composite interfaces where input video formats are 720p, 1080i/p, 1080/24p/30p/60p.

The audio contains 2 built-in 10Watt speakers due to which it generates a total of 20Watt output power. It has surround sound output mode with Dolby Digital built-in decoder where audio has Balance, Bass, and Treble controls and has Auto volume adjustment, Invisible Speaker System.Its media functions as Digital audio and photo playback where Supported Audio Formats MP3, Video Formats DivX, Pictures Formats JPG. It contains a USB port for memory card reading.

LG 47SL80 has 1Composite video/audio input (3 RCA phono )Side, 1HDMI (19 pin HDMI Type A)Side, 1Hi-Speed USB (4 pin USB Type A)Side, 1 Component video input (3 RCA phono)Rear, 2HD component input (3 RCA phono)Rear, 2Audio line-in (2 RCA phono)Rear, 1Digital audio output (optical TOSLINK)Rear, 3HDMI input (19 pin HDMI Type A)Rear, 1VGA input (15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)Rear, 1Audio line-in (Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm)Rear, 1 Serial (9 pin D-Sub)Rear as connectors.

It contains an internal power supply device of AC 120/230 V where power consumption during operation is 250Watt whereas Stand by / Sleep is 0.36Watt. It has an EPA Energy Star, ISFCCC and Greenpeace policy compliant standard with 1 year warranty and the price of LG 47SL80 is USD1299.00 – USD1899.95.

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