Tom-Tom XXL 540 S

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Tom-Tom XXL 540 S

The Tom-Tom XXL 540 S is an improved version of Tom-TomXL series with a finer portable size. The XXL 540 S has an identical feature set, including Tom-Tom Map Share and IQ Routes technologies, as well as advanced lane guidance. As an "S" designated model, the 540 S also features text-to-speech that reads aloud street and point-of-interest (POI) names for quicker recognition.

The front portion is occupied by 5in WQVGA wide-format touch screen while its back contains a large, loud 2-inch speaker. On top of the device is the only power button for physical control and a Mini-USB port on its bottom edge serves as the connection for the included 12-volt car charger. It lacks SD card slot but has an ample 2GB storage onboard which is sufficient for map and voice data.

And all updates can be done via USB online. It has an Easy Port mount which integrates the XXL's cradle into the back of the unit. The integrated cradle adds bulk to the XXL's already size which doubles its thickness.

The XXL 540 features Advanced Lane Guidance which provides not only complete lane information but also shows detailed illustrations of complex freeway interchanges. Its Text-to-speech functionality makes device announce street and POI names aloud. It comes with Tom-Tom’s Latest Maps Guarantee which is allowed to be updated within 30-days of purchase otherwise the free Tom-Tom Map Share service is also available. IQ Routes is a feature using historical speed and time data extracted from actual driving and other Tom-Tom Map Share/IQ Routes users to calculate the fastest route from one point to another. Accessing map updates and other downloadable is accomplished through the Tom-Tom Home software. Additionally, fuel prices and traffic camera information can be had via subscription.

The onscreen keypad can be configured in A-Z, QWERTY, or AZERTY layouts with generous key size. Points of interest can be searched by name or browsed by broad category. The Tom-Tom XXL 540 S comes at a generous price of USD 299 but those looking for more advanced features like hands-free calling, traffic data, voice command, and so on should look up the Tom-Tom totem pole.

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