SureShot 8800 Golf GPS

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(added 14 May 2009)
SureShot 8800 Golf GPS

Amusingly, as the time goes on, the sportsmanship is also advancing. In this exclusive domain, new technological tools are being employed, exclusively by the Golfers.  The players seem pre-occupied with their sports, whilst using many other means, one of them – an advanced GPS.  To this end, the latest model SureShot 8800 Golf GPS, is entirely offering new features.

This newly inducted GPS, is supporting an easy-to-reach high resolution display and wouldn’t let you puzzle, owing to its low weight and a user-friendly gadget.  The massive data it holds – provides the details of the courses and this GPS system can map out the distances to the front, center, back of the green on each gap, along with the distances of up to 15 hazards per gap.

One can keep the log of basic statistics, that can be loaded on a computer after using it for a game and the best thing in it is, it will be accompanying a world charger that ensures, you can get your game or work, that doesn’t matter, to which direction, you are moving.

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