Mitsubishi 46249

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(added 13 Feb 2010)
Mitsubishi 46249

Mitsubishi LT-46249 is a compendium of many productive features like using TFT active matrix technology, whilst its Wide Color Gamut-CCFL is its LCD Backlight Technology. This LCD TV is offering its dimensional specs like (diagonal) size 46in.

Mitsubishi's LT-249 series is an LCD TV designed for people who do care about getting decent sound without having to fuss with an external audio system. Therefore, we tested the Mitsubishi's sound the same way we test other sound bar home theater systems.

What's the verdict? When paired with a subwoofer, the LT-249 can belt out audio as well as the smaller sound bars it resembles, which should sonically satisfy fuss-intolerant, decor-conscious buyers.

The high-end Mitsubishi also has solid picture quality, although it won't match the better LED-powered LCDs and plasma TVs available in its price range. It also has a compelling suite of interactive features including Vudu and Pandora. However, this HDTV is all about the speaker; so if you don't mind paying more for better sound, the Mitsubishi LT-249 series deserves a place on your wall.

In an era where nearly every HDTV maker designs its flat panels with so-called hidden speakers, those tiny drivers that cower behind thin slits along the bottom or the edges of the picture frame, Mitsubishi's LT-249 series proudly wears its sound on its sleeve.

Below the display sits a prominent bar centered around a metal mesh grating that protects a row of 16 tiny speakers, each a bit larger than an inch in diameter. The outside speakers are placed closely together, and the inner speakers are placed further apart. The whole bar runs the width of the chassis and it can't be removed.

The attached sound bar houses 16 forward-facing speakers. Although the 5-inch-tall speaker bar increases its cabinet height and makes it taller compared with other LCDs, the Mitsubishi LT-249 otherwise follows a commendably compact aesthetic.

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