Zune HD (32GB - platinum)

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(added 04 Feb 2010)
Zune HD (32GB - platinum)

Zune HD (32GB - platinum) is a latest model digital player plus radio, adding along PC interfaces, Wi-Fi support, Hi-Speed USB, 32GB installed flash memory, yet it lacks the Integrated Digital storage. This series is offered on the price ranges from USD 249.99 to USD 289.99.

Initially the Zune’s products were not receiving that much acceptance and commendation as was received by other companies like Microsoft and Apple. Yet by producing this Zune HD (32GB – platinum), Zune has now earned remarkable image and impression in the sprint of latest model digital players.

Zune has made bigger strides, since its brown and bricklike player which were launched in the year 2006. Zune has made remarkable improvements in its hardware thereby making very useful improvements, the Zune's unique take on presenting and organizing music still remains.

The Zune HD (32GB - platinum) – has now removed the smudge that was being labeled as its designed digital players like bulky and brown brick, yet its latest series are truly glossy and cute.

This series adding a neat and clean glass having size of 3.3in – that is reminiscent of its façade, having a pitched aluminum slab, proving this latest model Zune HD digital player a cute set for usability.

Zune HD (32GB - platinum) series functionalities not end over here, it adds few other like its three buttons which are linked to its machinery – hardware like, a large power/hold button on the top edge, a slim home button below the screen on the front of player, and a button on the left edge of the device for quickly calling up the Zune's onscreen playback and volume controls.

Zune HD (32GB - platinum) series is bent upon to satisfy you at any cost, as the Zune's full-screen volume icons are easier to work with than the onscreen volume slider on the first-gen iPod Touch (which also lacked a dedicated volume button).

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