Creative Labs Vado HD 3rd Gen (120 minutes, white)

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(added 04 Feb 2010)
Creative Labs Vado HD 3rd Gen (120 minutes, white)

Creative Labs Vado HD 3rd Gen (120 minutes, white) is a pocket sized camcorder having weight of nearly 3.3oz and costs less than its competitors yet having same features like its many competitors lend.

Since it has a shiny external pigment, it’s terribly prone to smudges and scratches. Vado HD 3rd Gen offers 720p HD resolution, 4GB of built-in memory, and an HDMI output in a stylish package but lacks internal integrated memory owing to that, it needs to be purchased separately.

As it’s a typical class of camcorders with basic design; it has a large 2in LCD display on its operating panel with 640 by 240 pixels resolution with only single record button. There’s an HDMI port for outputting HDTV yet cable is not supplied. There's a threaded tripod mount and flip-out USB connector at the bottom for uploading and charging via a PC. Finally; on top there’s a headphone jack that also accepts optional external microphones. It has a simple interface without any fuss or mess. Videos can be shooting fairly at HD resolution 720p and at the lower 640 by 480pixel (VGA) resolution. Additionally it has a still image capturing feature with motion detection setting that triggers recording when it senses motion in front of the lens but lacks macro/close-up mode or image stabilization features.

Vado HD 3rd Gen records H.264 compressed video in MPEG-4 format instead of the Advanced Profile MPEG-4 AVI used by the original Vado HD. It contains manual exposure control yet it is not too useful. The audio is louder than the original Vado HD. It supports an optional external stereo mike via the headphone jack, which allows for enhanced recording capabilities and does record and play back with ample volume relatively clear.

Vado Central 3.0 software comes preloaded in the camcorder and can run under both Windows and OS X (10.4 or later). The software allows for one-touch uploads to You Tube, Photo bucket,, Facebook, KinKast, and Motion Box plus Twitter on the Mac. The cost of Creative Labs Vado HD 3rd Gen (120 minutes, white) is USD 179.99.

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