Tom-Tom XL 340 S

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Tom-Tom XL 340 S

Nowadays commercial houses are smartly crammed with lots of advanced pointing devices like this latest GPS - Tom-Tom XL 340 S. A competitor GPS to this Tom-Tom is Garmin Nuvi 1690, thus there are massive number of navigation tools, all are good, yet this Tom-Tom series is truly fine for its easy usability and a lot of finer features. What do you need more?

But our topic is related to navigation GPS which is designed by Tom-Tom XL 340 S. Tom-Tom XL340S is a midrange product, and many advanced features have incorporated in it by its producers.

Its dimensional specs are - height 3.2in, width 4.7in, and depth 0.9in, that makes it a flat screen navigation tool. This is an automotive tool with built-in antenna and speaker. Its features include Plug ‘n’go, Emergency help, Automatic routing, Downloadable POIs, Preinstalled POIs, Tom-Tom Quick GPS fix, Speed limit warning, IQ routes technology, Text-to-speech (TTS), Advanced lane guidance, 2D / 3D map perspective, Tom-Tom map share technology, TMC (Traffic Message Channel) ready.

The advanced lane guidance is a new feature in XL340S which shows complete lane guidance with arrows overlaid that makes drivers to choose their destined route carefully. The IQ route and map technology shows the quickest routes from one to another point but it doesn’t always provide accurate data as real-time traffic data is different, yet it gives an accurate time to reach that destination.

It has Tom-Tom Home software installed in it owing to that it is easy to download any update, and it also accesses the maps. The navigation system gives voice instruction and street name announcement; as an S designated brand, the 340S has a text to speech feature for quick recognition.

The navigation information is all about quickest route, fast/short route, and street address search. Maps of Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico are integrated in GPS.

The 4.3in WQVGA screen has TFT technology with color support 480 by 272 resolutions. It is an antiglare wide touchscreen which covers the front panel whereas the backside dominates large loud speaker. It has multi-lingual menu display resources like Czech, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Polish, Slovak, Catalan, English, Finnish, Flemish, Italian, Latvian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Estonian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Lithuanian, and Portuguese either. The bottom side of the display has a USB port which can be serving as the connecting point for the included 12-volt car charger for data connections

Miscellaneous items included with this GPS as connectors are USB and TMC whereas the accessories it renders are USB cable, Easy port mount, and Car power adapter either. The Easy port mount is given to fix the unit to the windshield and has also provided an adhesive disk if windshield attachment is not permissible. It has an internal enclosure Li ion battery which has an estimated life of 3 hrs. The price of this product ranges from USD 126.95 to USD 249.99.

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