Zune HD (32GB, Platinum)

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(added 24 Nov 2009)
Zune HD (32GB, Platinum)

There is an apparent difference between claiming to offer the capabilities of a widget and operating the way it is projected is a matter of risk and error, yet this adage appears proving in the case of Zune, as after many expected impediments from its competitors, it has finally made a better niche in the commercial houses of iPods. Zune has inducted an entirely newly iPod namely Zune HD (32GB, Platinum), that is available for USD 289.

This series of Zune is a greater digital thrill and amusement that provides you accessibility to the higher class entertainment and the technologies, allowing you to enjoy, connect, and discover content the way, you like it. Buy, browse, stream, and play all you want, including music, HD video, podcasts, games, and much more.

Zune HD (32GB, Platinum) a latest series of Zune is offering many impressive features like a sleek-n-slim body and fantastic look. The major features are operated by swiping or pressing your finger on the display. Some of the functionalities have made their hardware, including a slim home button, a button for calling the volume controls, onscreen playback and power button. This string of Zune is measuring 4in height, 2in width and 0.3in depth, making it somewhat more compact than the iPod Touch.

The interface of the Zune HD (32GB, Platinum) is more informal and daring than the sterile icon grids, tight, and Rolodex menus of the iPod Touch and the iPhone. On the Zune HD, there is main-menu text that rolls off the screen, album pages with lot photos, and another main-menu called Quick-play (new content, play history, songs, photos, Web pages, radio stations that you have kept for fast access).

Zune HD (32GB, Platinum) is attaching supported digital recourses like AAC, MP3, WMA, WMAPro as well as random play / shuffle as its playback modes, supporting ID3 tags support either. This latest model is truly having a better design, finer features, and highly productive functionalities that can be helpful for its user.

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