Nikon Coolpix S70 (Champagne/Light brown)

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(added 16 Nov 2009)
Nikon Coolpix S70 (Champagne/Light brown)

Nikon has come up with its latest model digicam, Nikon Coolpix S70 (champagne/light brown) priced on USD 399.99. When you will take it into your clasp and start employing it, you will truly realize like you are somehow intoxicated by champagne, and you will be happy by its very finer capabilities like better sensor resolution of 12MP pixels, having its CCD size 1/2.3in LCD screen.

This modern series Nikon Coolpix S70 (champagne/light brown) can be said, a greater step forward taken by Nikon in the areas of structuring its framework as well as its capacities and capabilities, relatively to its past series, the S60.

This LCD display by type it’s OLED is lacking a translucent and smart features, yet it is aptly receptive to the functionality of materializing its operational ability.

This latest model camera - Coolpix S70 (champagne/light brown) is lending the dimensions like 3.8in width, 2.4in height, and 0.8in depth, whilst its weight including battery and media is 5.7oz.

Primarily this series adorned with a lot of new and yummy functionalities, more or less all are touch-driven, yet one issue with this gizmo is that, its pace is not higher for landscape and portrait close-ups.

This latest string Nikon Coolpix S70 (champagne/light brown) is additionally lending finer point-n-shoot images, in other words, what you pay for it, it will recompense you in the shape of very appealing and finer point-n-shoot images.

This string Nikon Coolpix S70 (champagne/light brown) is 3.5in OLED resolution/view finder, with zooming, aperture, and focal length size of 5x, f3.9 to 5.8, 28-140mm (35mm equivalent) with the Li-ion rechargeable battery, 200 images, with its storage technology of SD/SDHC.

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