Tritton AX900

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(added 26 Oct 2009)
Tritton AX900

A brilliant news for the fans of advanced headsets, this Tritton AX900 is a headset, that offers the dimensions like, width 5.6in, height 5.1in, thus we recommend to use, with other compatible game consoles, PC multimedia, digital player compatible mobile devices Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, DVD player, Wii additional features volume control, and Dolby either.

This great gaming console that lend 5.1 surround-sound headphones; supports headset chatting; easy to use; detachable microphone; compatible with most PCs, gaming consoles, and any device with an optical audio output, analog RCA audio, or a 1/8-inch headphone jack. A counter element it has is that, it adds 3-foot optical cable and USB cable won't get you far; heavy headphones; bass response isn't great.

The significance of this series is that, the AX 900 Gaming headset performs extremely well and is compatible with pretty much every gaming PC and game console. Among all the video game accessories available today, no other market seems to be expanding as rapidly as the video game headset.

The third generation consoles able to produce 5.1 surround sound finding a headset solution to handle such a request is now much easier than before. We've tested a handful of gaming headsets, most of which are not designed to accommodate 5.1 sound. The latest from Tritton, the Tritton AX 720, and the AX 900, not only both handle 5.1 surround sound, but they do a pretty impressive job at doing so.

The series, AX 720 and 900 are nearly identical, with the white control box being the only difference between the two. The AX 900's box allows for increased compatibility, the details of which we'll get into later.

This latest model gaming gizmo truly performs very well, but we were really turned off by the gratuitous number of connections that had to be made in order for the system to function properly. This time around, Tritton has slashed the amount of connectivity required, all while maintaining most of the same user experience.

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