Durable and compact miniSync for Samsung Instinct S30


It is a plain veracity, that except the cell phone, all other things of life can be avoided, inasmuch as you can’t afford the cost of dissociating from your friends, relatives and rest of the world.  Yet until and unless you have a handy charging gadget, cell phone activation is always at risk.  So the solution for this issue is, the new gadget – miniSync, which is well-matched with Samsung Instinct S30.

Chiefly, it is a fusion of 2 miniSync’s in one wire – both for charging and synchronizing with your PC (after installation of ActiveSync) and additionally, to allow the user charging with all other chargers.

Without any iota of doubt, this minor charger is a best recourse to any charging cradle – in fact, it is the smallest cradle analogue, it has ever observed.  Whilst using this tool, you don’t need to carry other chargers, as this little cable will ensure the charging of your Samsung Instinct and other cell phones like PDAs, smartphones and so on, without putting you into the risk of your mobile – uncharged.

Size-wise it’s tiny, yet functionality-wise it has more productive uses, quite fine during the pleasure trips.  A highly modern recoil and retraction framework, that ensures you to remain at ease, permitting the owner to be entirely organized, it spans to 35 inches and after retraction, it wouldn’t create any mayhem in your briefcase or rucksack.

An amazing factor is that, this cable is substantially strong, breakage resistant, and fully bears heavy usage.  After use for a couple of months, you will definitely agree to my notion, that this charger was really a perfect gadget – for its productivity and usefulness. 

Key features: • Durability, light weight and compactness

• Ultra think, but very strong reinforced cable

• Retractable feature allow to extend the cable to 36 inches

• Small size (Approx. 5.5" H x 1.25" W x .5" D, Weight: 0.9 oz)

• Charge your Samsung Instinct S30, PDA, Smartphone, GPS, digital camera, or mp3 player.

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