AOC V22 Verfino

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(added 15 Oct 2009)
AOC V22 Verfino

AOC V22 Verfino lends highly attractive features to view the games, the slimmest framework, a fitted-in Webcam and microphone either. No doubt, it is expensive yet in view of its design and features it appears suitable.

The counter elements of this gizmo are that, it lacks a DVI connection and ergonomic features.

The features it lends are TFT active matrix; diagonal size 22 in - widescreen; maximum resolution: 1680 x 1050 / 60 Hz. and its price ranges from USD 223.47 to USD 249.98.

This latest series can be available online for USD 353. That's about USD 50 more than the anticipated rate of the Samsung SyncMaster XL2370, the finest LED-driven screen. This AOC lends a fitted-in Webcam and microphone, but its benefits over the XL2370 ends there.

The AOC has no DVI port and incorporates no DVI-to-HDMI cable to recompense. Also, while its functioning is fine, it's not that much good as the XL2370. Unless a mic and Webcam are of high importance, we suggest the XL2370 if you're in the open house for an LED-based display.

This 22in AOC V22 is virtually as slim as the 23in Samsung SyncMaster XL2370, having the size of 0.75in in its depth relatively to Samsung's just more than 0.5in. This display is having a dimension of 1.1in on the sides, similar to the XL2370's series width.

The full width of the V22 is 20.7in, shorter relatively to XL2370's that is having a size of 22.5in. The V22's display has a very sleek design. On the border of this LCD is a plastic translucent cover, and on its peak, there is an incorporated 1.3MP webcam and microphone.

The V22 employs an oval-shaped chassis that has a dimension of a comparatively large 9.75in width and 7.5in depth. Amazingly, the V22's light 8 pounds of weight served as a useful supporter to avert it from fall over.

The neckline of the screen is having a dimension of a short 1.1in. The base of this LCD is 1.6in from the peak, yet to our dismay, the display height isn't allowing us to swap to any other setting, and there isn't a display spin alternative for portrait form. The ability to move at right and left angles, the display back 15 degrees is also an option that can be considered an additional capability of this screen.

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