Drag Me To Hell (2009) by Sam Raimi

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Drag Me To Hell (2009) by Sam Raimi The movie “Drag Me To Hell (2009)” a collective adventure of, screenwriter and director Sam Raimi, screenwriter Ivan Raimi, and producer Rob Tapert and Grant Curtis, with starring: Alison Lohman, Justin Long, Lorna Raver, Dileep Rao, David Paymer, Jessica Lucas, and Adriana Barraza.

The documentary’s major focus is on fearsome scenes, highly gleeful depictions and gratifyingly an exciting experience.

Soon after a couple of decades of victorious steps to finer thrilling movies (A SIMPLE PLAIN, THE GIFT) and great hero chartbusters (the Spider-Man string), director Sam Raimi returns to accomplish a great documentary, like DRAG ME TO HELL.

In this movie, Alison Lohman plays the role of Christine Brown, modestly-spoken lovely lass with a sincere mind and thought, a boy-friend who is seeking his PhD like Justin Long and her employment serving as Loan Officer at a bank at a distant place out of Los Angeles.

Soon after relieving an abominable woman namely Mrs. Ganush (actually known as Lorna Raver) from the Bank job, it appears, a best opportunity to avail this significant promotion, thus Christine tries her best to move forward her ethical flexible approach, as much as it may possible to project (yet it unable to go very far) merely to greatly pay the cost as the receiver of a vicious predicament.

Now she thinks that next a couple of days are very critical for her, and the circumstances require too much stamina and that is a trial of her patience.  During these days she may come across physical and psychological stress, whilst a terrible devil tries to come even more closer to drag her along to an ordeal, a place where she may face a situation of burning for ever.

Conclusion is that, Drag Me To Hell is placidly terrible at some scenes, mildly groovy, sporadically novel, and on some occasions slow.  However it’s a fusion of horror and hilarious scenes.

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