Zombieland (2009) directed by Ruben Fleischer

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Zombieland (2009) directed by Ruben Fleischer

The documentary “Zombieland (2009)" directed by Ruben Fleischer and starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Amber Heard, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, a film that depicts horror scenes.

Of course, there is no dearth of thriller or horror movies which truly prove the stimulators and pullers of its fans to the cinema houses or movie houses from their homes. Had these movies weren’t entirely quenching the thrust of movie fans, it would have proved entirely impossible to pull this sort of bigger crowds from their homes or workplaces? And in case of failure for not projecting these documentaries, the entire process that starts from writing the script to final showcasing in the movie houses would have proved a futile endeavor.

If the cinema houses worldwide are fully prospering and burgeoning under the UMBRELLA of its viewers, that means it’s perfectly reminiscent, that this domain is not only entirely green even perfectly grassy and ensuring the caskets of bucks to everyone associated to movie service providers.

The chapter of movies is truly inspiring on the one hand, and enriching the understanding on the other, as this exclusive discipline is offering such superb tales of love and hate, comedies and parodies, fight and defence, truth and sycophancy which truly can be ascribed them some sort of apocalyptic documentaries.

Our appreciation goes to writers, directors and major role players in these amusing depictions, on many occasions, the role players keep their lives entirely at the risk. So how it can be considered something for granted. No, never.

For writing this, someone may ask, how you say that movie industry can be considered something for granted, who is saying. No need to go far away, I myself is one, who has some serious views about this domain.

No doubt, during the college life, I have seen few movies, yet a stage came after the college life, where I understood the significance of life, and since then I never have lapsed any single moment of my life, without using them most productively and meaningfully that truly enriched and enforced my philosophy, my approach of spiritualism and my inner satisfaction.

My happiness and satisfaction comes from internally, so why I should depend on external momentary means of satisfaction and happiness. Thus, when it is a matter of serious discourse on the topics of life, then dramas, documentaries and romantic domain appear quite insignificant.

Yet to the people, who are free, they don’t have any source, except dramas, movies to lapse their time and get some sort of satisfaction, then this is truly something of imminence for them. Thus, this is a fact, and there is no any doubt, dramas and movies are truly sources of amusement and fun for many more, and not necessarily for whole mankind.

Now let me come to the main topic, what this documentary truly present to its enthusiasts, the movie “Zombieland” though neither offering anything of significance nor re-inventing any role model scenes, yet it can be said that it’s one of the highly amusing zombie fables since Shaun of the Dead.

Zombieland is the fable of the shattered people who survived at an unexpired Armageddon. It is also the myth of a life not yet existed, to such an extent that, more or less all have expired.

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