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(added 25 Apr 2009)

New concept car isn’t a new lingo yet adding to the records of concept cars, by designing virtually a new concept car is always new. Aptly synonymous to this phrase – a New Concept Car Era with BMW Snug – being designed by a Hungarian Engineer, David Raffal would prove a precursor for all BMW Snug new concept cars in future. 

This highly innovative and uniquely looking car will surely augment the grace, when it would be on the road, in future.  This concept car venture has been initiated in close association with the BMW group. The exclusive aspect that lies in its design is – the sense of rationality of its designer, to bring multi-stratums of people, closer to this ultra modern auto wheeler assisting them to capitalize from this exceptional approach and technology.

The resplendently designed concept car, itself speaks, that this is made for the people with diverse penchants and predilections, obviously hinting that personal relationships are above all considerations.  One step ahead of a concept car, this BMW snug is highly valued by BMW group, yet one thing is clear, that its future is unclear, that when it would start moving on the road.

The BMW snug, a 4-seater car – can be employed as a sitting room, either.  Apparently its design seems to be stylish with paper waves to conceal a central cell.

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