Asus Eee Reader

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(added 11 Sep 2009)
Asus Eee Reader

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Asus has announced to induct a record breaker digital reader that is named as "Eee Reader" that is having double screens - a greater gizmo for book freaks to easily flip in the pages or compare the pages or compare any financial document either.  Wow, this is absolutely a greater fun gadget!!!

Asus - an emerging technological mogul appears ready to lend an exceptional gadget to its digital reader fans, so that this may play a leading role in their lives and transform their life style into more advanced and more shining life paradigms.

Time of London, in its report has revealed that this latest revelation of Asus is unique in two ways, firstly for duet screens, secondly for its lowest rate compared to all other digital readers.

Primarily, the notion behind manufacturing a device with two screens might be that, the designers aspire to produce a gizmo that gives the posture of book, perhaps it was a long awaited demand, to prepare a gizmo absolutely identical to the book.

So, finally Asus has come up with this idea that is entirely fine and well-thought, from all aspects one can ponder over it.  Don't make a mistake by considering, it might be monochrome, no, not at all, that isn't the case.  It is entirely multi-colored.

It is for the information of the readers that, in case they still seek more technology-driven gizmos, then they should wait for Asus's upcoming Eee PC netbook, that is fulfilling any gap that has left by their "great" Eee Reader.

It appears that ebook open houses are proving highly competitive and cost effective string of gizmos.  In addition to Sony and Amazon, few other commercial giants like iRex and Plastic Logic seems very eager to induct their digital readers with wider duo displays.

We are looking ahead for a highly chained and continued producing of digital readers, with more cost effective offers.  Its detailed specs and trivia are still not out.

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