The Final Destination

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The Final Destination

An anecdote amazingly narrated that a chap, who was leading his friends saves his life including others from the horrible state of death, he thoughts about a travel on an airplane and then rethinks he and his friends may die during this aerial travel, thus he switches his mind and decides not to travel on the plane.

Thus the writer of the movie narrates that the Death Reality goes back to its own realm and mulls over how to accomplish the task and be honored in the eyes of God Almighty. A juvenile lady had an experience, how a terrible motorway accident had taken place some time ago, thus she again leads her classmates she helps save them from an unsuccessful happening by making impossible to materialize the plans of Death Boss.

In the meantime, the Death rule was ready to prevail, yet a mentally perturbed chap advises his buddies, from the terrible situation of getting killed in the coaster havoc.  At this, the Death Commander makes a brisk rolling and tries its best to grab the souls of those people, who had a couple of days before evaded from picking up.

After making three futile attempts by the Death Commandant, now it has a dismal feeling and finally has reached to status 0 - that means no any hunt.  Now it is solely upon the viewer, that how much he is eager for this movie - Final Destination Movie - so it entirely depends upon the result that can make you either smile or have a grim impulse in your mind and thought.

Similar to the previous happening, this newest event advances towards a bigger-sized accident that will push ahead the ruining, that is ready to occur.  The quick and enraged racecars drive around the path that proves a source of amusement for the attendants.

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