Samsung HMX-H100 Full-HD Camcorder

Samsung HMX-H100 Full-HD Camcorder

Samsung's latest model camera - Samsung HMX-H100 that offers a broader range of features like full HD 1080p, 10x optical zooming and 37mm wide-angle Lens either.  This latest cam's dimensions are 2.48in x 2.4in x 5.06in.

Basically, the older versions of cams have never lost their significance, yet the fact is that they have entered in the stage of superannuation, thus Samsung has now geared to bring new gizmos to the open houses, with latest models, enhanced capabilities, and ensuring competitive rates.  Thus HMX-H100 is a step forward in that direction.

This latest H100 cam is employing SD/SDHC card-based storing capacity, whilst other series like H106 attaches along 64GB SSD storing capacity, H105 attaches 32GB SSS capacity, and H104 attached 16GB SSD capacity, likewise price differs from series to series.

HMX-H100 is now in the marketplace, and by classification it can be said a better standard camcorder that not only adds full HD, even has HDMI output either.

Key Specs and Trivia

Signal Type  Signal Type  NTSC

Storage Media  Storage Media  SDHC slot

Image Sensor  Sensor Type  CMOS

Sensor Size  1/4.5"

No. of pixels  2.2M

Lens  F Value  F1.8~2.5

Optical Zoom  10x

Digital Zoom  100x

Filter Diameter  37mm

Type  Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan-HD

Display  Main Screen  Device Type  LCD

Size  2.7"

No. of pixels  230k

Viewfinder  Device Type  N/A

Size  N/A

No. of pixels  N/A

Light  Light  No

Flash  Flash  Yes

Shoe  Shoe  No

Video Recording Feature  Video Spec.  Recording Format  H.264 HD

Recording Resolution  1920x1080i / 1280x720P / 720x480P

Recording Quality  SF / F / N

Shutter Speed  Manual Shutter  1/60~1/10000

Auto  Yes

Slow Shutter Mode (LSS)  No

Image Stabilizer  OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer)

Focus  Auto Focus  Yes

Manual Focus  Yes

Power Night Capture  No

Video Still Capture  No

Back Light compensation  Yes

Low Light Sensitivity  3 lux (visible)

White Balance  Auto  Yes

Manual  Yes (Daylight / Cloudy / Fluorescent / Tungsten / Custom)

Audio Format  AAC

Sampling Rates  48 kHz

No. of Channel  2ch

Speaker  Yes

Volume Adjust  Yes

Built-in Microphone  Yes

Wind Filter(WindCut Plus)  Yes

Real Stereo  Yes

Audio Effect  Voice  No

Music  No

Wide  No

Echo  No

Audio Dub  No

Operation  Play/Still  Yes

Stop  Yes



Line Recording  No

Slow Motion  Yes

Frame Advance  Yes

Shuttle Search  Yes

Auto Rewind  No

Zero Memory  No

Slide Show  Yes

Still Imaging Feature  Still Image  Format  JPEG

Resolution  2880x1620 / 1920x1080

Quality  Super Fine

Recordable Media  Built-in Flash Memory / SDHC card

Interface  PC  USB  Yes (USB 2.0)

IEEE 1394  No

Video  Composite  Yes

S-Video  No

Component  Yes

HDMI  Yes (mini type)

Audio  Ear Phone Jack  No

Memory Card  Card Slot  Yes (SDHC)

Memory Application  Movie Clip Recording  Yes

Memory Application  Compatible Card  SDHC

Built-in Memory  No

USB Application  Motion Picture Stre  Format  No

Resolution  No

PC Camera  No

External Storage  Yes

Direct Print System  DPOF  Yes

PictBridge  Yes

S/W and PC OS  OS  Compatible OS  Windows 2000, XP, Vista

Bundle PC S/W 1  Built-in PC S/W

Bundle PC S/W 2  No

Bundle PC S/W 3  No

Power  Power Supply Type  N/A

Power Consumption  LCD off, VF on  3,5W

LCD on, VF off  3.5W

Stanby  N/A

Battery  Cell Material  Li-ion

Model No.  N/A

Shape Type  Slot-in

Running Time (For This Model)  Approx. 1.5hr.

Accessory  Power  Ac Adaptor/Charger  Yes

AC Cord  No

Battery Pack  Yes

Strap  Hand Grip  Yes

Shoulder Strap  No

Neck Strap  No

Case  Carrying Case  No

Cable  A/V Cable  Yes

USB Cable  Yes

Others  Remote Control  Yes

Bundle Recordable Media  No

Intruction Book  Yes

Pocket Guide  Yes

Dimension & Weight  Net Dimension  2.48 x 2.4 x 5.06

Net Weight  .78 lbs.

Other Feature  PB Zoom  No

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