Nokia Booklet 3G Mini Laptop

Nokia Booklet 3G Mini Laptop

Nokia has leaped into a new tributary of science and technology, by producing the laptops, appears preparing to bundle along some of the enviable credentials for its first ever and latest system - Nokia Booklet 3G Mini Laptop, that is having few unique features; like 12 hours battery support, a highly portable 10in display, 3G linkage and Webcam capability for video calling either.

Nokia's this latest series is lending A-GPS capability, weights 1.25kg, and operates on Microsoft Windows platform. This is truly a smart laptop, thus we are sure that Nokia having an international technological backdrop will again give exposures to the laptop zealots likewise it has given the disclosures to its Nokia-branded mobile enthusiasts.

When this latest series will come to the marketplaces, and if you buy one, before starting to work on this latest mini laptop, first take a deeper breath and then start employing this finer gizmo 3G mini laptop, that is committed to lend finer features that can be helpful for your professional or commercial multi-tasking and personal errands like making calls whilst visualizing your phone caller on your Webcam. Wow, that is great!!!

No doubt, in its first leap Nokia has made a landmark achievement, by announcing a highly cute and glossy laptop - a window based android, backed by a highly effective and viable Intel Atom processor that ensures not only the productivity even the usefulness of a high-end netbook either.

This latest laptop is attaching 120GB HDD, of course, that is not too much in view of other giant laptops which are adding along double and triple more memory capacity than this, yet Nokia will bring a system with 120GB HDD in its first attempt, that is truly great and appreciable.

Nokia Booklet 3G is attaching along HDMI port that is useful for HD video out.  This latest android is made up of aluminum, and offering a measurement of its thickness of only 2cm and pointing to the weight of around 1.25 kg that is symptomatic of a light and portable gizmo.

This latest laptop has been designed whilst keeping in mind the massive uploading and downloading of apps, additionally it's 3G/HSPA is prepared for quick mobile broadband access, whilst you are on the go.  Wi-Fi is already part of this latest model booklet.  This system also supports easily switching SIM card capability.

Its usefulness and utilities are still many more, and never end here.  This latest string has onboard supporting GPS with Ovi Maps plus it has a solo front-facing cam placed above the 10.1in HD display for video calling.  Besides this, it also adds Bluetooth and a built-in SD card reader.

One can truly think, Nokia has stacked that much features even at its first step, why? Well, Nokia's Executive Vice President for Devices, Kai Oistamo, summed it up simply as follows:

"A growing number of people want the computing power of a PC with the full benefits of mobility. We are in the business of connecting people and the Nokia Booklet 3G is a natural evolution for us. Nokia has a long and rich heritage in mobility and with the outstanding battery life, premium design and all day, always on connectivity, we will create something quite compelling. In doing so we will make the personal computer more social, more helpful and more personal."

Key Specs and Features

Processor:1.6GHz Intel Atom Z530

Weight: 1.25kg (Lighter than a MacBook Air's 1.36kg)

Battery support: 12 hrs

Dimensions: Thickness 19.9mm, Width 264mm, Depth 185mm

Screen size: 10.1in

HDD: 120 GB

Other Features

3G / HSDPA, 802, 11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, integrated Bluetooth, A-GPS

Fitted-in webcam for video calls

HDMI port (for HD video out)

Fitted-in SD card reader

3 USB ports

Single audio in/out port

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