LG enV Touch (Verizon Wireless)

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(added 19 Aug 2009)
LG enV Touch (Verizon Wireless) LG appears committed to make the LG-brand fans happy, happier and happiest by lending them a superlative widget that is aimed to send the flashes of smile on its punters face and the gloom may never access them - what is this poignant narrative about, it is LG enV Touch (Verizon Wireless) that is candidly providing the superior features like a sleek touchscreen display, a delicate QWERTY keyboard, a lovely 3.2MP camera, EV-DO option, and a complete HTML net browser either.  Wow, of course, that is great!!!

LG's enV Touch is a fusion of finer functions and features, thus it's truly one of the best Verizon Wireless gizmo that has ever been produced and being used.  It adds many other enviable capabilities like CDMA 2000 1X 1900/800; battery backup of four and half hours, digital player and digicam either.

Like other cell phones, this widget has also some unhelpful facets which are, the web browser experience is not that much satisfying - as we were expecting from it, visual voice mail and corporate e-mail support is being charged and additional fee needed to be paid, and lastly it is devoid of Wi-Fi ability, an annoying matter and so on, yet what we can do, except once we liked it, then we are required to accept it with its drawbacks.  Despite these few shortages, its significance can't be underrated at any price.

This latest cell phone is a true sibling of Voyage VX 10000, as it impersonates few of attributes from the past voyage series.  Primarily, LG and Verizon are on the go to brandishing and bolstering its past brand name - enV - that is very popular for refined messaging features.

Key Specs and Features

Manufacturer: LG Electronics

Part #: enV TOUCH


Product Type: Cellular phone With digital camera / digital player

Service Provider: Verizon Wireless

Dimensions: W 2.2in, D 0.7in, H 4.5in, and Weight 4.9oz

Cell Phone

Technology: CDMA2000 1X

Band: CDMA2000 1X 1900/800

Mobile type: Folder

Wireless Interface: Bluetooth

Antenna: Internal

Delectable Capabilities

Vibrating Alerter: Yes

Polyphonic Ringer: Yes

Voice Dialer: Yes

Call Timer: Yes

Conference Caller Capability: Yes

Voice Recorder: Yes

Caller ID: Yes

Speaker phone: Yes

Other Functionalities

TTY compatible, E-911 compliant, QWERTY keyboard, Text-to-Speech (text recognition)

Phone Memory

Phone Book Capacity: 1000 names & numbers

Messaging & Data Services

Short Messaging Service (SMS): Yes

Mobile Email: Yes

Internet Browser: Yes

Platforms Supported: BREW

Included Services: VCAST, VZ Navigator

EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized): Yes

Messaging / Data Features: Text messages, Multimedia messages (MMS), instant messages, Voice mail, E-Mail, HTML Browser, PDF support

More Features

Multimedia Features

Digital Camera


Display (1st)

Display (2nd)

Digital Player (Recorder)




Power adapter Battery

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