Panasonic HDC-SD10

Panasonic HDC-SD10

Panasonic is in the process of launching a newest gizmo - Panasonic HDC-SD10 that is attaching along many interesting features aptly crammed in it, like its dimensions of 48 x 115 x 63mm (W D H) and having a weight of 174 gm. Panasonic says this HDC is the lightest camcorder in the world. That is good.

The price tag for HDC-SD10 is UKPS 409.  It snaps full HD, bright, and identical to the Sony, that is in 1080/50i to AVCHD format at a maximum bit rate of 17Mbits/sec.  It claims to be a greater 16x optical zoom and optical image stabilization.

The CX105E however, claim better visualization stills and 8GB of interlinked memory.  SD10 doesn't add the TM10's 8GB of internal flash memory capacity, it is attaching along an SD slot for comfortable solid state recording.

HDC-SD10 is offering additional features like mechanical assistance light for the ambiances, where lighting situation is not as required.  It is having a slimmer 1/6in CMOS sensor.In its outside photography, things appear with the zooming and optical stabilization. In this latest gizmo colors appear reasonable, yet that shrinkage covered few better details again, keeping in view the Sony's recordings seem lovely and smart.

HDC-SD10 smartly adds some finer knacks like, a bigger zoom and finer optical image stabilization - the major abilities among many others.  One of its counter elements is its higher price.

This latest camcorder is similar to HDC-TM10 and virtually a versatile gadget, lending the capabilities like face detection, intelligent scene selection. This new camcorder supports longer back-up and additional batteries to give massive shooting opportunity, as Panasonic is providing a DC wire.

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