Radius Atomic Bass Earphones

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(added 21 Apr 2009)

Modern science and technology is producing, a multitude of technological innovations, making our daily verves easier and safer, so when you are crossing through a high traffic zone, or listening the music at its crescendo, or working where mind boggling sounds of machinery have made it impossible to hear anything from the ambiance. 

At such a crucial time, when your cell phone starts ringing, virtually it appears quite impossible to trace – who is calling, and what he or she is saying?  Now the earphones role – comes in.  Am I right? Yeah!  At such a significant stage, there is no any alternate except to use the earbuds, to listen to caller of the cell phone. 

The most popular earphones set has overwhelmingly outclassed all other earphones, bringing about very new features for its fans, have been named as “Atomic Bass Earphones” by its creator Radius. The physical framework of these earphones is made in a way that, the oblique tube of earphones on putting in your ear produces a highly sharp bass sound.  So interrelation of earphones with music gadgets and music lovers seems inextricably increasing. The earbuds are so much loved, by youngsters that, if they don’t have, they never do their breakfast or meal, until the earbuds are not given in their clasp.

Interestingly, this new series of earphones set surely giving a pleasing bass sound, and it has a choice of mid and high music tone, either.  There is no need for worrying for the bass response, in the earphones set, that is exceedingly proving irresistible. These newly inducted earphones surely lend a bass enhanced listening taste, yet the overall sound of the music is enhanced by the earbuds, either.

In case during the use, you experience any difficulty in listening, and prove the music sound like a cheap FM radio, that means, you are not properly putting the earbuds in your ear canal. Meddle with it for a while, until you hear the bass, and you think you have contained the problem. I think you may have started listening sound perfectly by now.  Well done, you are successful!   Price tag of earphones set is #39.99.

Specifications: Innovator: Radius Earphones

Product name: Radius Atomic Bass Aluminum Earphones

More specifications:

Dynamic Driver: 10mm

Neodymium Magnet: 9mm

Stereo Mini Plug: 3.5mm

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz

Sensitivity: (1KHz, 0.1V) 103dB

Impedance: 32O

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