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(added 20 Apr 2009)

Cold fridge or refrigerator is an excellent solution for preserving all our dietary stuff, entirely ensuring its nutritional values and sumptuous savor, and that task was splendidly carried out by our fridge gadgets or refrigerators. Yet you might never have thought about, that one day you may get the errand of getting hot food from the same mini fridge technology.  Yes your dream has now materialized – Hot+Cold Mini Fridge designed by Sharper Image will do both tasks, without any faltering, without compromise on quality, taste and efficiency.

Chiefly, this mini fridge operates with the help of Peltier Effect mechanism.  The latest model fridge needs not liquid refrigerants, loud motors or condensation.  This Peltier effect, keep beverages cold or hot with clean, tidy and environmentally friendly mechanism.

This latest series of fridge is phenomenally advanced, relatively to a mere cooler.  The hinged door involves a locking hatch that ensures the food stuff preserved and also maintains a continuous temperature as long as the unit is plugged in (comes with both an AC and DC adapter).  This new mini fridge measures 17” high x 11” wide x 12 ½” deep, weighs around 13 lbs and can fit nicely into a curvature of your office or house.  This gadget can accommodate no less than four cans of clean drinking water with space spared for food stuff.

This mini gadget has two choices, to make your food stuff hot or cold, by employing Peltier Effect technology, so the hot stuff can be cooled to an extent of ice cold temperature, or a cool stuff can be made hot, for as long as you may wish.

This warming or cooling process can be undertaken at your home, in the office or even in the rear body of your car.  In case, you may like to make your food stuff hot, an already-fitted-in tiny heat pump can quickly reverse electricity’s flow to rapidly warm the inner side.  Employ it as an electric lunchbox for work, or as some stuff, that would be made hot and fresh, at a later time.   Primarily this latest model encompasses a calm fan, interior light and a new, highly effective thermostat.

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