Acer TravelMate 8000

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(added 01 Aug 2009)
Acer TravelMate 8000

Acer has come up with a new and modest laptop - Acer TravelMate 8000, a latest version of Acer’s high-standard gizmos, thereby lending a framework with low weight and thinly structured, is aptly giving the best and efficient productivity, thereby proving a finer blend of capabilities like top-class graphics and above all over five hours battery support either.

TravelMate 8000 additionally offers features like 12.9 x 11” width, 1.4” thickness, substantially thinner relatively to ZT Group ZTpro M1015, yet a tad thicker comparatively to the WinBook W360.

No doubt, this is truly a replacement of laptop, providing with a low weight like 6.8 pounds, a tad heavier in weight relatively to ZTpro M1015 and WinBook W360. In addition to its AC adapter, this laptop is having the weight of 7.2 pounds.

The price tag for 13.3” model and 250GB memory capacity is UKPS 579 whilst a series of 14.1” model with 320 GB for UKPS 699, and third one with 15.6” model and 320GB memory capacity for UKPS 709. A counter element it has that, it needs a three-point power outlet for battery charging.

Key Specs and Features

Part Number: LX.T4206.028


Usability: Business, Education, Corporate business

Platform Technology: Intel Centrino

Built-in Devices: Wireless LAN antenna, Stereo speakers

Dimensions: Width 13.1”, Depth 11.1”, Height 1.4”, Weight 6.4 lbs

Color: Black

Notebook type: Mid-size laptop (6 - 7.5 lbs.)

Wireless capabilities: 802.11b, Bluetooth, 802.11g


Processor: Intel Pentium M 1.6 GHz

Data bus speed: 400.0 MHz

Chipset type: Intel 855GME Cache Memory

Type: L2 cache, Cache size 1.0 MB RAM

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