Klipsch Image S4 Noise Isolating Earphones


Klipsch’s latest gizmo - Klipsch Image S4 Noise Isolating Earphones, offering very finer earphones set on a price of USD 250. Primarily any earphone is a good development, yet in the case of S4, it is substantially advanced, exclusively for its sound quality either.

S4 earphone is offering a high price, relatively to other earphones, they come around USD 30 onwards, yet as far as its quality is concerned, the sound quality entirely proves worthy for its cost.

This latest earphone looks very attractive. The earphones set is available in different silicone ear bits, thus the earphones set is a good pal during any short or long business tour or pleasure trip.

The earphones are quite light, yet more likely to fall down out of the ear, so the shift towards a finer recourse of headphone is apparent. The earphones cable appears very weak, can easily be guessed that they can’t carry on the stress it may receive during its frequent use.

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