Samsung HMX-U10 Full HD Camcorder

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(added 28 Jul 2009)
SAMSUNG HMX-U10 camcorder

Samsung’s gadget - SAMSUNG HMX-U10 camcorder, that is a finer recourse for the people, who are looking for a camcorder – that is a fusion of HD capabilities, like advanced video recording and so on, so this is a best choice for advanced users. And those who only are interested to opt for a low level, this is not something of their choice. Its price tag is USD 200.

Samsung’s latest designed pocket camcorder facilitates the comfort of use, having 10mp snaps capability either as well as point-and-shot capability either. Highly fast to upload any site, like Twitter, YouTube and so on. Besides, this also attaches a 1/2.3” CMOS sensor.

HMX-U10 is offering a 2” LCD display to see and appraise the photos and videos. Its dimensions are 56 x 103 x 15.5mm with 95g weight (including the battery), the HMX-U10 is fully compact and composed. This model claims enfolding along 10mp and 1920x1080 high class video capabilities.

HMX-U10 also supports a 2” LCD for framing, adding some primary provisions to control, like 1/2.3” CMOS, having a feature of fixed setting and also not having any feature like zooming.

By producing a distinctive camcorder, Samsung has aptly shown its knack that is reminiscent of high quality and standard. This HMX-U10 is also having an expandable SD storing capacity.

It is quite clear and what we are witnessing one thing, that mostly camcorders are tended to be produced of limited categories, so this may narrow the options for the punters, so there is need to review for capable imaging capacities of latest cell phones.

Right now, we can’t say which widget will lead and which may lag behind, yet the fact is that, whichever gizmo would carry maximum features and functionalities, that would won and make a higher niche in the open houses.

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