ASUS Triton 88 LGA1366 Quiet CPU Cooler

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(added 25 Jul 2009)
ASUS Triton 88 LGA1366 Quiet CPU Cooler

ASUS has unlocked its widget - ASUS Triton 88 LGA1366 Quiet CPU Cooler, offering features like; a very special double-post-supported heat-sink structure, that needs to be linked with 120mm internal fan which will assist you in reducing the heat and result in fresh and cooled air condition, in a highly increased temperature ambiance.

Its rival mechanism, i7 architecture produced by Intel is lending thermal support, that is bigger in size with a slightly more fins, fans and heat-pipes, that are mandatory to defy the increased 130W TDP. So far many other widgets have been tried and tested, yet all couldn’t produce the required result.

In this stride, ASUS appears has made significant advancement by producing Triton series coolers by designing a double-post-supported framework with a 120mm fan. Through this mechanism, VRM can be safeguarded against an increased temperature, with the help of cool air that is mandatory for the components within the CPU that guarantees the system’s safety and stability. This double-post-supported framework also assists you to add three 120mm fans for better cooling.

For this reason, ASUS CPU coolers are widely popular for their applicability and output.

Primary Specifications

Manufacturer: ASUS

Compatibility: Intel LGA775, LGA1366 and AMD S1207, AM2+, AM2

Noise Level: 20 dBA

Cooler Dimension: 125 x 112 x 153mm

Weight: 876g

Clip Type: Intel spring screw with back plate + AMD Universal kit

Heat Sink Material: Copper Base and Aluminum Fins

Fan Dimension: 120 x 120 x 25mm

Bearing Type: EBR

Fan Speed: 800~2100 RPM ±10%

Fan Type: 4 pin with PWM Control

Airflow: Side flow

Rated Voltage: 12V

Warranty: 24 months

Price: UKPS 44.76

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