Yamaha DSP-Z7 Home Cinema Amplifier

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(added 25 Jul 2009)

Yamaha’s latest innovation – Yamaha DSP-Z7 is primarily the younger sibling of Yamaha DSP-Z11 – the advanced home cinema amplifier, lugging along the capabilities, like seven-channel power pusher support. This new gadget addresses us all, what is in my fist, can you predict? In case you forecasted you won, otherwise who … hmm … mine!!!

Yamaha has gathered almost all features and functions in Z7, which are part of DSP-Z11, offering it on half price of DSP-Z11. Isn’t it great news for the Yamaha brand lovers, wow it’s truly breaking news.

Yamaha’s sheer penchant to innovate a gizmo with a distinct tint something like orange has also entirely been materialized in its latest progression DSP-Z7, yet its elder brother DSP-Z11 is too much hi-fi than its younger sibling DSP-Z7, for still few more capabilities.

DSP-Z11 is advanced in the sense, you need a hefty wallet to get one, and in return you also get the chunkier features in it, like greater performance, greater size and dimension, increasing orders for its speakers – most remarkably two subwoofers additional support. Anyhow let us come to the core point, DSP-Z7.

Now we would like to appraise the science of engineering and art of chemistry employed by the Yamaha engineers in DSP-Z7. Ostensibly it will not compete Z11, yet will try its flare with other contemporary widgets, which appear springing back and forth in the ring of open houses to toss down the Z7.

After producing Z11, with finer features – again the Yamaha engineers felt that let us try Z7 in light size, dimension, and with lower price – thus it is in line with their proclivity towards a new experience.

Technical Features

Pro-Logic II: Yes

Pro-Logic IIx: Yes

Dolby Digital EX: Yes

DTS Neo: 6 Yes


DTS 96/24: Yes

Dolby Digital Plus: Yes


Dolby TrueHD: Yes

DTS Master Audio: Yes

Auto set-up: Yes

Room EQ: Yes

Video upconversion: Yes

Video scaling: 1080p

HDMI 1.3a: Yes

HD audio via HDMI: Yes

Learning remote: Yes

Multiroom: 4 Zone

Network capable: Yes

HDMI: Audio in 5

Coaxial digital in 3

Optical digital in 5

FireWire in 0

USB Audio in 1

Analogue audio in 11

Phono in mm

Multichannel analogue in 8ch

Ethernet audio 1

HDMI Video in 5

Component in 3

S-Video in 6

Composite in 6

USB Video 0

Ethernet video 1

HDMI Audio out 2

Coaxial digital out 0

Optical digital out 2

Analogue audio out 3

Preouts 7

HDMI Video out 2

Component out 1

S-Video out 3

Composite out 5

Dimensions (hwd, cm) 20x44x44

Weight (kg): 20

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