Samsung SyncMaster LD190

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(added 24 Jul 2009)
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Samsung has launched its latest device – Samsung SyncMaster LD190 – a screen that can easily be interlinked to a computer or a netbook through USB, appears roaring in the open houses, to create its own niche among its punters and fans.

This notion of some monitors those can be linked to a computer or laptop can be fruitful for an office or home, where many people may work on one PC, entirely interconnected through their individual screens provided you have several VGA/DVI ports from your graphics card or a VGS extending box.

This latest model screen has 1366x768 pixels thereby giving a finer resolution, 5ms response time and a vibrant contrast ratio of 20,000:1.

Ostensibly it appears a sleek monitor lending a finer outlook through its curved and black images, and to some extent, what it claims to be a stylish widget can also be acceptable, no doubt it looks like.

The OS that has been added with it is, UbiSync permits you to handle all the linked displays and place them in any orientation you may like and need.

You may encounter with many glitches on LD190 though, yet its mechanism can be helpful for using the net, viewing the videos and playing the music either. Its price is £93.

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