AirCar runs on Compressed Air

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Global warming increasingly appears a complex issue, has been aptly tackled, as the new modern technology will play a major role in reducing the global warming threat to its lowest ebb.  Tata Motors are launching the new AirCar – runs on compressed air in India, an entirely environment-friendly concept car, has evolved the entire scene of automobiles industry.

This development is a major breakthrough in devising ecological technologies and economy-driven autos that were earlier announced by Popular Mechanics. Zero Pollution Motors (ZPM) have also announced that, they are planning too, to produce the same-concept model cars that would be launched in USA market initially, by the end of the year 2009, or in the first quarter of 2010.

Daewoo – a South Korean company, created a Matiz concept with a hybrid engine – air and electric.  Australian company EngineAir have also designed a model car on a “rotating engine” driven by compressed air. K’Airmobiles has so far offered two approaches “VPA” (Vehicle with Pneumatic Assistance) and “VPP” (Vehicle with Pneumatic Propulsion) at the end of 2008.  Maximum weight of the model car was tried to limit up to 250 kg.

Propulsion technology of the AirCar’s engine was designed by the erstwhile Formula 1 engineer of MDI (Motor Development International) from Luxemburg.  In the internal-ignition engines’ pistons are driven by the explosion of the fuel, after that, in an AirCar, the driving is realized by air under pressure.

ZPM consider that, when the making of AirCars will exceed 10,000 units per annum, models that would be newly inducted will be OneCat, having two seaters and MiniCat, with three seaters.  The company is also planning to promote a new model – CityCat with six seaters.

One refueling system with 340.1 of air pressure may cost nearly US$ 2 and will ensure sufficient for more than 1,000 km at a pace of 100 km/h.  The cost for this sort of model car is estimated to be US$ 17,800.

It truly speaks its worth and value, to have a ride and make a pleasure trip.

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