Sony X-Series Walkman (16GB)

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Sony X-Series Walkman

Sony has launched its latest widget – Sony X-series Walkman (16GB) that is labeled as OLED, Wi-Fi Walkman, with prices like USD 299 for 16 GB and USD 399 for 32GB that is offering the capabilities of Slacker radio service and YouTube.

This latest series is having a glossy design, a finer interface, remarkably matches with Mac and Windows as well as podcasts and videos. The range of functionalities it offers are onboard Slacker app, well coordinated YouTube sup port, Wi-Fi, an FM tuner, and fitted-in noise reducer.

It is also having a smartly made earpiece with remarkable sound, and its battery life is also substantially enough to play the music or run any app. Yet what counter productive elements it has are; it is an expensive widget relatively to its features, a fingerprint magnet and some glitches in apps operation.

This doesn’t mean that this is not productive, what features have enumerated are such, which produce a lot of output and adds the joy to the life, with its finer screen interface as well as some other interesting features.

Technical Features: Quality of Sound

Digital clear audio technologies, S-Master™ digital amplifier, digital noise canceling4 function with Noise Canceling EX headphones (MDR-NC20).

Discover Music

Slacker® radio6 offers free personalized music that uploads to your Walkman® player, soon after the player is joined to a wireless LAN, and can be experienced it when the user is in Wi-Fi8 zone.

100 Free Music Downloads

Buy a Sony X series Walkman® player and get 100 free music songs from Sony Music. Select from several thousands of the world's best songs, and start taking delight from them on-the-go with your new X series Walkman player. (A PIN is needed to access, and is given in-the-box with your buying).


OLED technology has a response time suits for movie playback. A broader viewing angle of approximately 180 degrees gives continuous tone and a stable contrast, as well as, a wide series of color option, with a high distinction ratio.


• Podcast download, register podcast on browser and link to podcast web site

• “Related Links” function relates web content with music content playing on your Walkman® X series

• Connect directly to “YouTube™” and “Yahoo!®”

• Internet Browser5

• Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connectivity to Home Wireless LAN and to public Wireless LAN. Supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

Battery Life

Added with a battery that assists you to listen to up to 33 hours of music and watch up to 9 hours of video without needing to recharge.

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