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Radiopaq has announced its latest gizmo – Radiopaq Custom Tuned Earphone – that is something, you will surely like to take it into your hands and meddle with it. Radiopaq custom tuned earphones are offered in four different models.

Diverse type of music can be played by dint of diverse widgets, so the Radiopaq has used “Intelligent Audio Technology” to attune the up and low frequencies that are entirely mandatory to listen the music, at its extreme thrill and excitement.

Radiopaq has employed a unique science of chemistry, whilst producing this custom tuned earphone – they consider “single model gizmos never attract all mentality” so they have designed four types of earphones; rock, pop, jazz and classical music in a compressed format.

So to appease and please everyone, they have emerged with a multi-dimensional series earphone, now, o folk of Radiopaq, there is no problem, to attract the attention of overwhelming users, I think, the latest earphone series can be the choice of many more, who seek such stylish earphones.

Primarily both earphone drivers and internal earphone case settings have been designed to get maximum result and perfect sound for each and every type of earphone, so first of all, you have to evaluate and decide the type of music you are playing and then go for the earphone. Is it a soft jazz, rock, hard rock or any other? Whatever you use, get the same series that can aptly be synchronized with your music gadget?

I suppose you might be interested to listen to the King of pop music, Michael Jackson, Madonna or may be someone else, you are at total liberty, whatever you opt for, that is not wrong. Take care of your own passion and thrill in case you are a chap or a damsel, and if not, you might be interested to listen to a mature classical music, that is absolutely right. Take care of yourself!!!

Main Features:

- Light weight metal construction for enhanced acoustics

- Bi-Directional noise isolation to hear more, without distracting others.

- 11-part chamber construction for balanced reproduction

- Tangle free cable for easy use and quick storage ready to use again and again.

- Earphones work with any music system or device that has a 3.5mm audio earphone socket

- Dual compound flexible strain relief provides extra comfort and a better fit while in the ear

- 1.2meter, 7strand, 3core, silicone coated high performance audio cable

Supplied with 3 sizes (Large, Medium and Small).

Technical Specifications

- Frequency response: 18Hz

- Sensitivity: 120dB

- Impedance: 16 ohms

- Driver Type: 10mm

- Noise isolation: -26dB

- Cable Length: 1.2 meters

- Cable type: dual core 7 strand

- Connector Type: Gold plated 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack

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