Panasonic DVD-LS84 Portable Player

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(added 06 Jul 2009)
Panasonic DVD-LS84 Portable Player

Panasonic’s new DVD-LS84 Portable DVD Player is having 8” a widescreen LCD screen - lends best image standard. This DVD has a large viewing area to view DVDs more comfortably.

Freestyle viewing ensures the screen to be changed to a broader range of positions for viewing. The screen can even be folded flat onto the unit to create a Tablet and the buttons are still accessible to control the unit without needing to move the display.

The integrated rechargeable battery is capable of up to 6 hours playback time, allowing you to watch your favorite DVD almost anywhere. With enough playback time to watch most films, this unit has the convenience to be used wherever you like.

Panasonic launched the world’s first portable Blu-ray player but that doesn’t mean the company is turning its back on good old DVD. Tucked away in its latest range is this portable player with a sizeable 8in, 16:9 screen and a novel way of watching it, which Panasonic calls ‘Free Style Viewing’.

Once you’ve flipped up the screen in the traditional way the bottom edge unclips from the back support, allowing you to tilt it upwards and bring the screen down onto the base. This tablet-style configuration makes it nice and compact and comfortable to hold, and there are little rollers on the bottom corners of the screen that let you slide it back and forth to find the optimum viewing angle. It’s quite useful but it’s a pity the screen can’t be swiveled to give you even more viewing flexibility.

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