GE A950 Digital Camera

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GE A950 Digital Camera

GE’s latest camera – GE A950 Digital Camera – lending 9.1 MP resolution, 5X optical zoom, 2.5” high-definition LCD display with GE’s latest automatic Brightness regulating technology, and a comfortable sharing whenever you need, is a best option for your photographic needs.

This latest model is adding face and blinking recognition feature and supports the snaps drawing fun of a highly advanced stage. This portable point-and-shoot camera supports a number of other functionalities.

The GE A950 lending close-up styles ranging to over twelve scene modes and an auto scene recognition mode that can itself, detect the scene type. The GE A950 auto focus system adds an AF supporting lamp to assist in dim light situations.

This new gadget, besides its face detection capability, autofocus and autoexposure mechanism, also offers a Blink Detection feature to give a signal to the user. A950 additionally supports Smile Recognition feature that itself activates the shutter, whilst your subject is smiling.

A950’s Pan-Capture Panorama mode can itself stitch together a landscape designed by simply shooting the camera across the scene including Red-Eye Removal function that can be employed to rectify the error whilst reviewing an image.

Technical Features:

9.1 Megapixel CCD

F3.0-4.7, 5X optical zoom lens, equivalent to 35 - 175 mm

2.5? LCD display with 234,000 pixels

24MB onboard memory pulp fiction download + SD/SDHC slot

Uses two AA batteries

Pan-Capture Panorama: Broader-view snaps are produced by shooting the camera Sky high divx online across to create an impeccable landscape image.

Auto Scene Detection: Automatically determines the suitable scene type and optimizes exposure for sharp, vibrant close-ups.

Blink Detection: Blink Detection gives you the signal if a focal point’s eyes are closed so you can immediately shoot the picture.

Smile Detection: The shutter automatically releases when the smile appears so you can capture smiles the moment they happen.

Face Detection: Automatically focuses and optimizes exposure for sharp pictures.

Image Stabilization: Overcomes camera shake to help you take clearer, sharper pictures.

Red-Eye Removal: Remove red-eye error immediately while viewing images on the LCD.

Auto Adjust Brightness LCD: The LCD screen adjusts to the existing lighting conditions so you can frame your subject properly.

The GE A950 records its pictures and QuickTime Motion JPEG movies on SD or SDHC cards, or in 24MB of built-in memory. Power comes courtesy of two AA alkaline disposable or NiMH rechargeable batteries. An integrated proprietary connector gives for both USB 2.0 computer interlinking, as well as an audio/video output.

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