Cell Phone Cool 758 with built-in Razor

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(added 10 Apr 2009)

An ultra-modern cell phone with built-in razor, named as Cool758 excelled, all other series, in its quest to get the tribute from its fans – those who are inquisitive of daily shave, for its most advanced gift of shaving facility with cell phone capability.

The cell phones were providing facilities of sorts, yet never thought of, to make you clean-shaven, yet this new cool gadget has fulfilled this highly ambitious demand of users. This shiny series will surely accompany you, all the times, as it vows to make you clean-shaven for the whole lifetime.  Now the life is remarkably organized, no need of additional shaving-paraphernalia, yet one mobile and many errands including shaving are met.

The electric shaver is aptly placed on the lower side of the mobile set. It has some more operational facilities, that proves its worth; and making it a highly productive gadget of this era.  It has dual SIM phone with dual-band GSM connectivity (900 / 1800 MHz), 2.6-inch TFT QVGA touch-screen display, VGS photo snapper which can also record video, Bluetooth connectivity, MMS, GPRS connectivity, multimedia player, and FM radio, all these are a splendid combination of unique features, and an immediate need of the user.

Additionally, one can include up to 8GB of storage, if he needs more storage capacity.  This new series measures 120 x 52 x 19 mm.  This cool technology has a 2800mAh battery that can meet 3 hours talk-time and up to 260 standby time.  An intriguing aspect of this latest series is that, when you remain more clean-shaven, that much the cell phone battery will last longer.  It will take some time, to reach to the external market.

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